Often times, physically challenged youth are left behind because of their disability, only to hear about the exciting times their friends experienced hunting in the woods.  SYC of Georgia is designed to diminish their handicap by empowering them to overcome some of their disabilities by instructing them and their families how physically challenged youth can hunt and safely handle a firearm.  SYC shows physically challenged youth how they can have part in the management of our natural resources. It also teaches them about our heritage of hunting and the shooting sports, and gives them the opportunity to experience the thrill of that first "Trophy".

Each Hunter is given every opportunity to meet the challenge of the hunt and keep the memories for a lifetime.  Hunts may have a videographer along to capture every heartfelt second of their marksmanship, harvest, recovery, and hopefully the triumphant return to camp.  Although each youth is only permitted to take one chaperone on the actual hunt,  participants may bring up to three other quests to enjoy this time with them in a Christian hunting camp setting.  Many times, celebrities attend and chaperone some of these junior sportsman on the actual hunt.

SYC Ministries of Georgia, Inc.


Special Youth Challenge Ministries of Georgia, Inc., is a non-profit, Christian based ministry designed to teach physically challenged youth how to participate in and enjoy the shooting sports and God's great outdoors by providing special outdoor events and training for the youth and their families.

It is the vision of SYC of Georgia to demostrate a Christian Lifestyle by helping the physically challenged youth overcome the barriers of hunting and shooting through special instruction, methods, equipment or assistance from family and friends.  Each event that is held includes a time of worship and testimony.
No Experience Necessary
For some of the youth who apply and are selected to participate, it may be their first time to learn about and hold a firearm, hunt for game, or just simply to be in the woods.  In order to be eligible,youth must be a resident of the State where the event is being hosted (or have had) a life threatening disease or injury.

Previous youth hunters have been cancer patients, amputees, heart transplant receipients, victims of brain injuries, cerebal palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, and down's syndrome.  We gladly accomodate crutches and wheelchairs.  Those who are unfamiliar with firearms are professionally coached and trained in safety and marksmanship.

Each youth hunter selected must obtain a State Hunter Safety Certificate (if required by state law) prior to the hunt.  During the events, the youth and their quests spend each night in a motel or camp lodge.  Expenses are provided by contributions from individuals, companies in the industry, churches and by interested organizations who believe that these youth are only "handicapped" if we neglect to teach them about God's Great Outdoors and our responsibility as stewards in managing our natural resources.
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"Empowering Special Youth To Enjoy God's Great Outdoors"
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